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Roger Dubuis Replica

The hour and minute discs are fitted with a moonphase disc that is set up with miniature moons.

Roger Dubuis Replica has three gold moons. One is 8.5mm wide and 0.45mm deep, while the other two are 4.5mm across and 0.35mm thin. They are easily perforated at the thinnest point around the eyes of 0.07mm and must be discarded. The tiny size of the moons makes it difficult to distinguish their features, even with the experience of Stepan Sarpaneva's team. This is why the finishing process by hand was so difficult.

Stepan Sarpaneva created the smallest of moons, but he estimates about 80 percent will be thrown away due to the difficulties of creating them.

Roger Dubuis Replica, Roger Dubuis Replica, viewed from the back.

Even the most experienced hands of Stepan Sarpaneva's team can barely distinguish these tiny moons

Roger Dubuis Replica's rearward sapphire glass pane is metallised in a pattern that will look familiar to fans of Sarpaneva. Sarpaneva, when asked why he decided to add a projected lunar phase,Roger Dubuis Replica cited Max Busser for his tendency to push him to the limit of his skills. "Max always throws the projects that aren't the easiest -- those that are a real challenge." The challenge with the HM8 project was to find a way to enhance the projected time display.

It may seem that waiting five years for a new watch from Roger Dubuis Replica or Stepan Sarpaneva is a lot, but I think it was worth it.

MoonMachine Technical Specifications

Roger Dubuis Replica was created using a specially configured replica watches The projector moon complication, which is a HM8-based device, was designed by Stepan Sarpaneva. The limited editions are 12 pieces.


* Three-dimensional engine conceived by Roger Dubuis Replica and developed from a Girard Perregaux calibre base, with moonphase complication created by Stepan Sarpaneva