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Five years ago, we first saw the collaboration between Chopard Replica & Stepan Sarpaneva with the Chopard Replica012 that was based upon Horological Machine "Frog".Chopard Replica The new Chopard Replica is even more stunning than the original MoonMachine, which featured the signature Sarpaneva Moons rotating within the metallised Korona of the sapphire movement crystal.

The 2018 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie is dominated by a full moon.

Stepan Sarpaneva

Chopard Replica is the first ever projected moonphase in the world, echoing that illusory phenomenon known as moonlight. (This is actually projected sun, because the moon does not emit any light).

Chopard Replica's base is Horological Machine Ndeg8, a device that uses an optical prism for transmitting horizontal readings of hours and minutes to a vertical plane, providing the iconic “heads-up” display of HM8 and its predecessors HM5 or HMX.

Chopard Replica has a disc with miniature moons that shows the moonphase. It is placed between the minute and hour discs. The moonphase display is just as fascinating, because it is displayed in a small space.Rolex Replica Watches The prisms that magnify the minute and hour discs by 20%, making them more legible, do not magnify the moonphase prism, because it would distort its appearance. The distinct sections of the prisms are visible when you examine them closely. This shows Chopard Replica's attention to details and commitment to finding the best solution for every display.